The Bloke in the Pub

How’s it going, Arch? What ever happened to summer, hey?

John,the Bloke in the Pub

the Bloke in the Pub

Here it is the middle of December and Perth is still bloody freezing. Makes you think there’s something in this Climate Change thing. Well, you just have to look around the world. Sandy in the US and now Samoa and Fiji getting monstered by a cyclone. The Climate is changing while our pollies are arguing.

Thanks mate, I need this beer. Ahhh – that first mouthful is always good.

Didja see that poll this morning? Has Abbott as popular as a fart at a funeral. I don’t get why everyone gets all excited over one percent swings when we all know there that margin of error thing with all of the polls. And I came across a good blog post today, setting out all of Tony’s dummy-spitting since he lost in 2010. God he’s a loser.

Same with this mining boom we’re having. All the reports are that it is over. That’s why Hockey keeps saying we are finished as an economy. Then I check out an online investment thing I read because I’ve got some mining shares. They reckon the Iron exports went up 10% this year and will go up 13% next year. Hey, and you said you can see over 20 cranes on building sites from Subiaco to East Perth. Sounds like the economy really is in a major nose dive. Yer a fucking idiot Hockey! Swanny is doing a great job for us. Sounds like the mob is being fed bullshit again by Rupert while he’s busy raking in the profits from the fucking lies he tells us.

God I need another beer. He doesn’t own any breweries, does he? If he did I’d have to give up drinking!

Hey, you know this new Digital Radio thing that’s started, Arch? I was listening to Grandstand’s cricket on it and I thought I’d see what other programs they have. That ulcer you’re getting watching and listening to the ABC, well, I’ve found the perfect thing for you. Turn the TV off and tune into Bird Radio. I kid you not, mate. They have a station which just broadcasts birds cheeping away. So calming!

And that traitor Brough. He really is a bad loser. Can’t accept the umpires decision. As that Abbott said, “It goes to character”. Although I guess that doesn’t apply to one of his own. Though he may not have a choice. You never know what Broughy has on the Libs. It must be juicy!

Hey, grab me another VB and I’ll tell you the joke of the day.

Thanks. Up in Queensland. NO! Queensland may well be a joke but it isn’t THIS joke. Up in Queensland there is a new coal fired power station which has gone green. It is capturing almost all of its carbon dioxide emissions. Only one small problem. I’ll quote it for you “The operators are still mapping the geology of the area, trying to find somewhere to store the trapped greenhouse gases.”!

They haven’t worked out where to store those captured emissions. That has to be the funniest thing I’ve heard in ages.

Or is it the saddest?

Gotta run, the missus is doing a meatloaf tonight. Seeya later, Arch.

2 responses to “The Bloke in the Pub

  1. Archie

    you can let your mate know, that the Austalian is reporting ore prices are going up. Hockey will be weeping


  2. And another report says manufacturing jobs are up. Mr Hockey: “Boohoohoo.”


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