Polly Lim; Christopher Pyne

The red face of Chris keeps on glowing While he's in the seats of unknowing. It begs for the asking, "That grimace is masking If you are now coming or going"

The red face of Chris keeps on glowing
While he’s in the seats of unknowing.
It begs for the asking,
“That grimace is masking
If you are now coming or going”

5 responses to “Polly Lim; Christopher Pyne

  1. Vanishing into his own puerility one hopes!


  2. Fundamental little fellow, isn’t he? 😉


  3. His screeching leaves us wincing
    At dispatch-box always `mincing`
    Our dear Mr-Poodle
    Won`t use his noodle
    For policy`s that are convincing


  4. Chris Pyne was losing his cool
    When Emma was quizzing the fool
    She made the little worm
    Writhe and squirm
    Which put a sad end to his drool.

    The Liberals Christopher Pyne
    Makes whinging his usual line
    He learned that bad habit
    From his boss Mr Abbott
    And now he’s The Master of Whine

    Chris Pyne often loses his cool
    Spits the dummy and screams like a fool
    Goes red in the face
    So stand back a pace
    Lest he explodes and your covered in drool.

    When Chris Pyne goes red in the face
    Looking like he’s not long for this place
    Reminds one of a cane toad
    About to explode
    Leaving Lib shit all over the place.

    Can’t be sure Chris Pyne won’t implode
    When face is puffed up like a toad
    Or maybe much worse
    Could be the reverse
    Like a Time Bomb he could explode.

    Chris Pyne’s mad eyes and his drool
    Starts one to thinking the fool’s
    Gonna go round the twist
    And start biting his fist
    As he probably did when at Pre School.

    Pyne gets that mad look in his eyes
    And blood pressure starts in to rise
    When he’s right in the middle
    Of insane tarradiddle
    And telling his bald faced lies.

    Pyne who must have his say
    In his own hysterical way
    Shows he’s full of conceit
    And while mouthing deceit
    Grows more swollen headed each day.

    Chris Pyne the egotistical rat
    Acts like a spoiled child brat
    Thinks he’s being oratorical
    But with lies diabolical
    All the bullshit he spouts falls flat.

    It’s about time Christopher Pyne
    When spouting his bullshit line
    Woke up that most folk
    Think that he’s a big joke
    With his incessant whinging and whine

    So glad that Christopher Pyne’s
    Name rhymes so well with whine
    Else I might get stuck
    Writing verse re this Schmuck
    And the bullshit that’s his only line.

    You can always rely on Pyne
    Who makes whinging his usual line
    To jump into the fray
    With nought value to say
    In his girlie effeminate whine


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