Abbott’s Double Whammy

The over-riding strength of the Abbott-led Liberal push for Government has been its discipline.

Its ability to operate as though there was nothing else, nobody else in the world which mattered.

Abbott has taken vacuum politics to a new level.

Now, after two years cracks are appearing in the containment vessel and reality is making some nasty incursions into the empty space which contains the Abbott Policy Particle.

In South Australia, there are rumblings about the Murray/Darling Basin plan.

SENIOR South Australian frontbench Liberal MPs have threatened to defy Tony Abbott and cross the floor to vote with the Government over water reforms to the Murray-Darling Basin in what could be the most critical test yet of his leadership.

The leader of Opposition business Christopher Pyne and frontbenchers Jamie Briggs and Andrew Southcott have reportedly told colleagues they would cross the floor if the Opposition Leader succumbed to calls within some sections of his party room to oppose the reforms.

In Western Australia, it is Wheat Regulation which is exposing major cracks within the Liberal Party.

THE West Australian Liberal party has rejected the pleas of its most senior Liberals in parliament, Julie Bishop and Mathias Cormann, to endorse Labor’s plan to remove the last remnants of the old regulated wheat export industry.

The WA Liberal state council has backed a motion to support the federal government’s bill, in spite of speeches from Ms Bishop and Mr Cormann asking them not to do so.

The federal Liberal Party says it is in favour of deregulation but opposes Labor’s bill to abolish Wheat Exports Australia, the organisation that levies growers 22c a tonne to oversee exports.

It has sided with the Nationals over its plan to maintain Wheat Exports Australia at least until the next election.

But the Pastoralists and Graziers Association, which represents the majority of growers, wants full deregulation as soon as possible.

Several WA Liberal MPs have been known to privately support the bill but it seemed unlikely to pass until WA Nationals MP Tony Crook announced he would cross the floor to support it.

In a motion that was passed 64-22 in the south coast town of Albany on Saturday, the WA Liberal Party’s state council voted for Labor’s deregulation timetable.

While the current crop of WA Liberal members appear to be toeing the Federal line it is legitimate to ask just how many will be on the Liberal House of Reps tickets for the next election if they refuse to represent their state’s wishes.

There are also the ever-present rumblings about Same-Sex Marriage, the extreme Abbott/Morrison stance on Asylum Seekers and Pre-selections in NSW. All intensified by the foolish mouthings of the Liberal Gift to the Economic World, Joe Hockey.

Reality is finally seeping into the Federal Liberal Party and it is difficult to see Tony Abbott surviving the swirling storm of dissent which is forming within the Liberal Vacuum Flask.

Even if some of the cracks are plastered over at the Party Meeting in Canberra today, it will only be a temporary fix.

A vacuum flask can only stand so many shocks until it suddenly shatters.

When it happens, will the Media sweep the mess under the carpet or photograph the sparkles?

One response to “Abbott’s Double Whammy

  1. We all know that nature abhors a vacuum@


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