God and His Interests


Reverently burgled from I Am your God

2 responses to “God and His Interests

  1. Hypocrite, for although war, sex, conquering and being in supreme power are(and were seen particularly in the Old Testament) aspects of our Elohim(and rightly so) nevertheless so is your god satan. Just because you are ignorant of this fact(believing the world is democratic when it’s run by (possibly)satanic Iluminati) does not mean it’s not true. It just makes you a pawn, someone who agrees by virtue of their non-resistance. Wheras Elohim can perform war in the way(when it must be fought) that is righteous. The US Army on the other hand slaughters and butchers for oil(and/or other resources). You miss the depth of our Creator who IS love.


    • Oh dear. Such uninformed invective.I simply reposted a post from God. I am not a Satanist as that implies a belief in the “Supernatural”.

      And if your “elohim” (a swarm of gods”?) is truly upset, I do go outside during electrical storms so, should he exist and should he/it/she be upset with me, I am a willing target for his Thor persona.


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