Limerick; Alan Jones Apologises

I’m Alan and I say I’m sorry
I thought I did not have to worry
The lesson’s been taught
I must not get caught
When dissing that woman, my quarry!

And a little graffiti cos all honest comment is found on walls.

One response to “Limerick; Alan Jones Apologises

  1. Alan Jones has a mouth like a sewer
    And now his sponsors are fewer
    Because the poor sod
    Thinks he is God
    Due to delusions of grandeur.

    As a youth Jones was lucky as hell
    When they didn’t let mad people yell
    For if Alan had been
    Then venting his spleen
    He’d have lived in a cold padded cell.

    Alan Jones that great waste of space
    Has an evilly debauched face
    And believes he’s the Saviour
    But his rotten behaviour
    Is a disgrace to the whole human race


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