Pollylim; Tony Abbott – Booted!

Our Tony is now oh so rooted He has got his hairy arse booted Right out of the House A nasty old louse, When leaving he sneered and he tooted!

Our Tony is now oh so rooted
He has got his hairy arse booted
Right out of the House
A nasty old louse,
When leaving he sneered and he tooted!

One response to “Pollylim; Tony Abbott – Booted!

  1. If you searched all the world you’d not find
    Another with Abbott’s like mind
    That sneering face
    Is a bloody disgrace
    And a total insult to mankind

    The sneering opportunist Mr Abbott
    When something bad happens will grab it
    And in order to fool ya
    Will blame it on Julia
    Please Australia! Wake up to this rabbit.

    The sick Politician named Tony
    Shows all Aussies he’s just a big phoney
    With his digging of dung
    And use of forked tongue
    That dribbles his shit and baloney.

    Tony Abbott always looks dapper
    Unlike the shit from his yapper
    That spouts foolish notions
    With his only good motions
    Being those he leaves in the Crapper.

    When Abbott starts in to jeer
    With a leer from ear to ear
    His mouth dribbles shit
    And reminds you a bit
    Of an arsole with bad diarrhoea.

    Tony Abbott who thinks he’s a spunk
    I predict will demise with a clunk
    For his actions and ways
    Shows his fisticuff days
    Have finally left him punch drunk.

    Abbott’s really no man of conviction
    Careless handling of truth an affliction
    Blends lies with the facts
    Credibility lacks
    With his truth being stranger than fiction.

    Mix Liberally red faced Pyne-o
    With Abbott’s thick skin of a Rhino
    Chuck Joe in the pot
    And what have you got?
    A trio lower than the Lino

    As well as his Catholic Credos
    Abbott tries to show off his Libidos
    Like the Macho display
    Demonstrated one day
    When he stuffed a big sock in his Speedo’s

    The Liberal Party’s a League
    Of liars, deceit, and intrigue
    Add Tony’s obsession
    With bullshit and aggression
    And of acting like mad Captain Queeg

    Of the Libs everyone should have fears
    Pyne and Abbott will bring us to tears
    If their actions were’nt serious
    One would laugh till delirious
    At their impressions of Noddy and Big Ears

    There’s Abbott , Bishop and Pell
    A trio destined for Hell
    And they’ll probably dine
    With Hockey and Pyne
    That’s if Satan can stand the foul smell.

    Of his PLAN Tony Abbott did crow
    But at Pearly Gates Peter said, “No,
    You maybe a Mick
    You hypocritical prick
    But your place is with Pell down below.”

    Abbott tries bringing undone
    Other Poli’s for things they have done
    Says, they lie every day
    But you know what they say
    It really does take one to know one.


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