It Is Time Tony Abbott Was Executed!

Since June 23rd, 2010 Australia has been subjected to a continuous reign of terror. And I am angry. So angry I want to see the person responsible executed.

I am not going to use links and stuff in this post. We all know the events, have seen the reports and read the social media.

I repeat.

I am angry and I wont take it any more!

Our Prime Minister has been vilified and threatened.

Our Government is, as you read this, being lied about, being undermined and being threatened with violence.

Our political system has been turned into a nation-wide terror cell.

Assassination, knifing in the back, thrown into the ocean in a chaff bag, shot, road-kill are all suggested descriptions for the end of our lawfully and democratically elected Prime Minister.

Anyone suggesting any of this in any other country in the world would be arrested and charged with serious crimes, up to and including treason, terrorism and incitement to murder. All crimes which attract the death penalty in most countries in the world.

Tony Abbott began and Tony Abbott continues to encourage this campaign of terror in our political life.

Yet this is the Australia where the rule of Law is thought to be an immovable part of our way of life. In a world where there are so many daily acts of violence an Australian will eventually fall into the terrorist mindset.

Daily it seems someone; prostituted columnist, shock jock or the man on the bus or in the train sitting next to you, somewhere in Australia is now calling for and end to our Prime Minister. Not to the end of her Prime Ministership but to her own personal end.

Maps, in the olden days, had areas of unknown dangers and added warnings of “Here there be Dragons”.

Maps of civilised society are showing, with increasing certainty, that in modern society, “Here there be nutters”.

Insane, psychopathic people who see that following the extremist demands of political leaders with soul-less ambition would be a good thing.

How long will it be before someone, somewhere in our country, where our leaders still move freely among the people, obeys the evil words of Tony Abbott and his henchmen?

Should such an event happen, Abbott, like Pontius Pilate, will wash his hands and claim it wasn’t his fault. Just as he did after the “attack” on a Canberra restaurant. Just like he disclaimed responsibility for the “Ditch the Witch” signs. Just like he disclaims responsibility for everything.

Yet he started this campaign of wishing the Prime Minister harm. Not wanting to beat her in the polls as is normal in a democracy but actively and publicly fantasising her death!

For the sake of our National safety it is time Tony Abbott, in his own words,  and within his own meanings, was executed by the Liberal Party.




12 responses to “It Is Time Tony Abbott Was Executed!

  1. The NO Coalition which is actually a conservative party, not one that should be called Liberal by any stretch of the imagination, has been taken over by those in it who are ultra-conservative free marketeers.
    Sometime next year we will enter at least three electoral terms in which these ultra-conservatives will further Americanise Australia where the wealthy control the country and those less fortunate become ‘the poor and huddled masses’ that will remain exploited and with any rights they currently have gradually eroded by the NO Coalition.
    I am in the fortunate position (despite contrary beliefs) of being in the voting cohort that the NO Coalition requires to stay in government so I will remain somewhat protected from their depredations on Australian society.
    Having one single, solitary vote all that I can say is; ‘Wake up Australians. And if you don’t? Poor bugger my country!’


    • Martin Barr-David

      Your absolutely right we don’t want Romney style politics in this country, we need to share the countries wealth by increasing taxes on the wealthiest individuals & businesses and those who pollute the most. How else will we pay for the services we need from the government? All that the coalition will do is turn Australia into the Greece or Spain of the southern hemisphere.


  2. deknarf – I wrote this over a year ago, echoing what many sane commentators and bloggers like you and others are saying. Nothing has changed. So maybe I should follow yours and Archie’s example and strengthen my language a bit.

    Poor Fellows, My Countrymen!

    Once proud strong Aussies are crying poor,
    They’re sad and worried, don’t know what for.
    Tony Abbott says the reason why
    Is that Julia Gillard told a lie.

    He’s determined they should know the facts
    About her proposal for a carbon tax.
    When they know the truth they’re bound to can it
    And opt for his own scheme to save the planet.

    So he’s travelling here and appearing there
    Warning everyone of the great big scare
    Julia Gillard’s raised about pollution
    As subterfuge for social revolution.

    People should beware the views of economists
    Who are just a bunch of pinko optimists.
    Nor should they put too much reliance
    On so called experts in climate science.

    Soon the mines will close and the shops will shut
    It will even affect the Pizza Hut.
    No more takeaways and no more lattes
    No more chocolates or fois gras pates.

    So much hardship for the diligent
    To make life easy for the indigent!
    She’ll rob citizens with aspirations
    To give to those in lowly occupations.

    That’s why Abbott will give this tax the knife.
    On that he’s gambling his political life.
    This means if Gillard wins he’ll lose his job
    Then he too would have real cause to sob.

    Why can’t someone tell him, “No worries mate!
    Cheer up! Look at our employment rate!
    Those jobs you’ve shown on tele you can do,
    They’ll attract an offer, just right for you.”

    “We’ve watched you mix cement and dish out shit,
    Demonstrating to us you’re so bloody fit.
    For a guy like you it’ll be a doddle
    To get casual work as an art school model.”

    But this is a man whom nothing daunts.
    Anger, strife and tears all meet his wants.
    He needs chaos, riots, even a bullet dodged.
    It’s all her fault! How dare she have what should be his – The Lodge.


  3. Well, you two are a little peeved, it seems! Good for you! What really tipped me over the edge was the comment by a previously “faceless” man from the Liberal (oxymoron) Party – Arthur Sinodinos! Once a faceless man for Little Johnny Howard (for most of us anyway – some of the Canberra-ites would have known of him, I’m sure) he has now become a Senator! For a relatively short time in the Senate he now has the power to accuse our Prime Minister of being “road-kill”!! OK, I know The Abbott fellow has been using some pretty colourful language with reference to Prime Minister Gillard, but he has at least had some time in politics to merit (another oxymoron) some right to abuse the other side, but this Sinodinos chappie is a really green (and that isn’t Green, by the way) bloke in the working part of politics and should really shut his gob when it comes to abuse! >:-[[ <– big-time Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


  4. “It Is Time Tony Abbott Was Executed!”

    Another day another leftwing death threat. How ordinary these days.

    Leftism is primitvism, as we continue to witness.


    • Martin Barr-David

      go jump into the lake.


    • Martin Barr-David

      What about those fascist shock jock action in 2010 with slogans like “Ditch the Witch” with Tony Abbott & Gina Rinehart trying to do the same to her. Governments aren’t there to the bidding of big end of town, they’re to serve those who vote and no one else.


  5. Funniest article ever


  6. Martin Barr-David

    Tony Abbott encourage death threats via those moronic fascist shock jocks a couple of years ago sponsored by big fossil fuels, it’s Tony Abbott trying to start a civil war and destroy the planet by opposing the ETS?


  7. Brilliant expose’ on Abbott and his henchmen/women. It is about time we said it how it is. He set himself up to be the executioner of this tenuous but good government and unfortunately because Murdoch owns 70% of the media in this country, he has never been thoroughly scrutinised. He avoids the hard interviews and cries victim when he cops what he dishes out to JG, a trait of a bully. When he is questioned on his failings, the right wingers cry foul. They are the epitome of absolute hypocrisy. He may not have a problem with women, but women definitely have a problem with him. 68% of women still cannot abide him and no trotting out of his little wife will turn that around, because it is who he is being that is the issue. I don’t think Tony will be in the lodge, he will be dis lodged well before the next election.


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