Pollylim; Joe Hockey and the GDP

Tone hasn’t the words so I’m here
To talk of the numbers I fear
As out here I lumbers
The numbers are the numbers
And all I can do is to jeer.

“The reason that Aus cannot win
Is Swanny’s put us in the bin.
Forget one point three;
I wish it was me” –
Joe Hockey is caught in his spin


Images; Hockey from ABC Online. Abbott from @geeksrulz

The numbers are the numbers” from Joe’s own incoherence!

4 responses to “Pollylim; Joe Hockey and the GDP

  1. Where is Tony today?

    Maybe he is hiding in that trench that Hockey mentioned.


  2. Archie
    On capital hill, news 24, Jamie Briggs said the economy was like Black Caviar and Black Caviar needed a good jockey and not Fat Albert on his back. Now I am sure Jamie was trying to say that Swan is no good as treasurer, but he sure left the visual of Joe Hockey as Fat Albert weighing down Black Caviar.


  3. Phoney Tony, Schlockey Hockey and the NO Coalition, maybe I need to change my reference to the Hanranhan Coalition. “WE’LL ALL BE ROOOONED, without us as government!’ What a truly reprehensible bunch of nay-sayers and scare-mongers.


  4. That bigmouthed Liberal Hockey
    May aspire to be the top jockey
    So please God prevail
    Save us from this fat whale
    Who has a firm grip on his cocky.

    That blubbering fool Joe Hockey
    May aspire to become the top jockey
    By dislodging the Chimp
    But we don’t need a wimp
    Who can’t let go of his cocky.

    The North Sydney Member’s demeanour
    Could’nt be very much keener
    But his actions are that
    Of a fat spoiled brat
    With it’s hand firmly wrapped round it’s wiener.

    Blubberguts Hockey’s not happy
    That fat spoiled brat of a chappy
    Went and filled up his dacks
    Over Julia’s new Tax
    Now Tony is changing his nappy.


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