Pollylim; The Abbott Run

5 responses to “Pollylim; The Abbott Run

  1. You have trapped into something. The PM has said more than once today, that the Opposition Leader can run but the Opposition leader cannot hide.


  2. “Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is known for his athleticism, but running for the Reps’ door was not a good look”

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/how-thomson-threw-parliament-into-a-tailspin-20120530-1ziir.html#ixzz1wKCMXZXA


  3. In a Democracy, there is no such thing as a “tainted vote.” Deputy Speaker Anna Burke explained that issue to Mr “Rabbit” and to parliament that; “There is no ability for the parliament to exclude a members’ vote,” A constitutional fact that Mr Rabbit is fully attuned to, but he chose to make a fool of himself in this display of childish stupidity. This was no stunt! Abbott is just a total embarrassment to himself, his party and to this Nation.


  4. As well as his Catholic Credos
    Abbott tries to show off his Libidos
    Like the Macho display
    Demonstrated one day
    When he stuffed a big sock in his Speedo’s


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