Everything Old Is New Again

Here in Australia, where the GFC either never happened or was narrowly averted, depending on whether you read the Murdoch Press or history, we are told we have a “Two Speed Economy”.

Where the mining states of Queensland and Western Australia are generating jobs and wealth and the south-eastern states are lagging behind.

In fact Western Australia, being so big, has its own in-build “Two Speed Economy”. The North is producing huge amounts of wealth, much of which heads straight overseas to assorted foreign shareholders and the agricultural South is suffering a decades-long drought.

Yet nothing is new. I have a habit, as some may have noticed, of reading old newspapers and magazines. This morning I found this little Advertisement in the Perth Sunday Times of 17th May, 1942. In the middle of the Second World War. Seventy years ago!

We are still almost totally dependent on the Mining Industry for our wealth as a State.

And the holes just get bigger and deeper!

One response to “Everything Old Is New Again

  1. So I gather that all the screeching and whimpering and loud noises and oodles of money being spent on full page ads. in the papers and on TV are nothing but the same hot air shown by this lot in 1942! Who’da thunk it?? Despite the predictions the mining industry seemed to do OK .. maybe in the next 70 years our descendants will be sniggering at this sort of down-play as we are doing with the 1942 doom and gloom?


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