The Cracking of the Abbott Monolith

The Truth is finally catching up with Tony Abbott.

Those “inconsistencies”, those sudden U-turns in his aspirations, those “let’s not be pedantic about what I have said” moments.

As his lies statements have become less consistent, so his volume has increased.

Being denied the Prime Ministership which he was apparently promised by the owner of the Satanic Presses, Abbott has reverted to type. Bullying, blustering and being a complete twat!

His brand of conservatism would take Australia back to the 1950’s!

Because 100% of the media is now behind Abbott 100% of the time, including the media we pay 8c a day for, it is a credit to the Australian electorate that his coalition has only around 50% of the famous “Two Party Preferred”. in the polls. That there is still a large minority which can see through all the spin and hype is encouraging.

An Unworkable Leader

The difficulty the Liberal Party has is that Abbott is too successful. He was supposed to be a caretaker. Someone who could get the Liberal Party back into contention for the 2010 election. He almost made it.

Now, due entirely to over-the-top media support and some very clever tactics from the Liberal Headquarters in Menzies House, the conservatives are in an unbeatable position with an unworkable leader.

The golden rule of politics is that you stick with a winner and Tony Abbott is a winner. He is also a completely loose cannon and members of his own party are beginning to worry that his only ability is to lead in the polls. He is showing disturbing signs that he would be unable to lead a Government.

Now that an election is just 18 months away, we are beginning to see the first signs of a move within Liberal ranks to change from the three year Tony Abbott run election mode. A mode which, while successful, has also created some worrying tendencies within the electorate. Attitudes have hardened into vicious hatreds and the consequences will be terrifying.

Australians look to Norway and sanctimoniously say, “It couldn’t happen here!” The bad news is that we are closer to such an event than anyone other than ASIO will admit.

Even the heartless men of the Liberal Backrooms are beginning become concerned that they may have unleashed a demon they can no longer control. In an era of “Wedge Politics” they have wedged by their own creation. If Tony Abbott leads the Coalition to victory at the next election, he will not be able to be replaced! Once Julia Gillard was condemned for “assassinating” Kevin Rudd it became impossible for the Liberals to “assassinate” their leader once he became Prime Minister.

A cure must be found before the 2013 election!

This past week has seen a sudden public cracking of the heretofore monolithic face of the Liberal Party. Peter Costello has suddenly reappeared, vampirelike, from his political coffin and is being touted by some as a pre-election replacement for the current leader. How much of this is due to the appallingly incompetent performance of the Baillieu-led Victorian Liberal Government and how much to the growing Abbott-phobia in the Federal sphere is impossible to tell. The important fact is that Costello is a proven weakling in political stoushes and so he is more likely a symptom rather than a cure.

What is even more certain is that the divisions and machinations have been a closely guarded secret until now. That there are now rumours in the public domain are an indication that all is almost ready for the coup.

Looking for an alternative leader on the Coalition Front Bench is like looking for a Strawberry in a Blueberry Pie. Abbott has successfully destroyed the leadership hopes of an entire generation of Liberals. So the move by Costello may be telling us something important.

The next leader of the Liberal Party is yet to sit in the House of Representatives.

Heartless and faceless though the Backroom men may be, they also recognise the need, to quote Sir Humphrey Appleby from “Yes Minister”, for “Somebody Sound.” Somebody who is consistent and reliable. Somebody who can be trusted. Somebody they know.

Just such a man has recently been put in place by the Liberal hierarchy. From the office of the revered John Winston Howard a man has been found who is eminently “sound”.

Chief of Staff Arthur Sinodinos has been elevated to the Senate. From where he is unable to become the Leader of the Opposition. Yet, when the sky fails to fall on the Australian economy with the introduction of the Carbon Price in July, a leadership challenge in August could see the new Senator elevated in a John Gorton-like move of political brilliance.

With nearly a year and a half to the 2013 election, he will have plenty of time to become well known, to move to a House of Representatives seat and yet not enough time for his blandness to erode the huge Coalition lead in the polls.

7 responses to “The Cracking of the Abbott Monolith

  1. I think the saturation of adulation by the media will prove to be part of Abbott’s undoing. The more that people see what a flakey, vapid bullshitter he is, the better.

    A disturbing new practice at the ABC is the “take out message”. This is where a reporter finishes a story with a succinct line like “The opposition says the government is shambolic.”

    They usually resemble the latest talking-point emanating from J.Hockey.


  2. You know, there may be something in this. Sinodinos isn’t a well known character but the small amount that is known show him to be a reasonable man who does seem to show an almost Menzies-like ideal of the Liberal Party. Just where the Nationals will fit in this scenario is difficult to see, because I don’t think he will suffer fools gladly and Barnaby Joyce is the ultimate fool. So if he is parachuted into the HoR in time for the next election it may be a very interesting election indeed. An unpopular Prime Minister (although why I cannot see any reason for!) who has led with exquisite skill a minority Government through her personal charm and negotiating skills, a successful Government which has passed in a relatively short period some outstanding reforms like the BER, MRRT, Carbon Price, Paid Parental Leave, etc., etc., etc. And she has also removed, with the almost absolute approval of the Caucus, the man who had outstanding public approval but not Parliamentary approval. He turned out to be a workaholic and rather bitchy fellow who had the veneer of affability but the inside of a rather twitchy and rather nasty workmate. Egotists don’t usually make good Prime Ministers! And K. Rudd is an egotist! So although we have a ranga, aethist, female, unmarried, childless leader with a big bum who is capable and who has a funny way of speaking the public doesn’t want her. So we end up with either the PM from HELL or we end up with the almost unknown Siodinos or we end up with PM Julia Gillard! I know which one I want!!


  3. I spend more time than is good for my health thinking about an Abbott Prime Ministership, & I really haven’t a clue. Mostly for the reasons you’ve just expresed. There are simply too many inherent contradictions: an untouchable victorious leader with no idea or perhaps very weird ones, backers who see their chance to secure power for a generation, perhaps a few surviving genuine moderates, agrarian socialism, a middle class addicted to & expecting more welfare, Abbott’s dingbat parliamentary allies who know they’d be for the chop if he went, & probably more all adding up to a very unstable mix.
    But at least he’ll have the press doing its best to paper all this over.
    Like the bloke said “poor fella my country.”
    My current prediction, which may’ve changed by this afternoon, is that Abbott would simply sell off the silverware to fund his ideas.


  4. I worry about a Norway event here, if not on that scale, Norway was targetting of the next generation of progressive (Labour) leaders of that country, to kill them, by a rightwing fanatic. It was ideologically driven, a fact played down by our media, perhaps correctly so as not to inflame copycats. However, that is what it was, and Tony Abbott and the Liberal/Nationals with their sycophantic shock-jock radio hosts and media commentators are being very irresponsible with their violent word-imagery and fear-mongery of fake national crisis.


  5. My biggest fear for Australia is not just having to put up with the whining whingeing of Abbott, but the media which so far have not questioned him once, not once. He and Hockey have both stated that the student aid to parents will be spent on the pokies. Do they really think so little of parents? How do we know that when the baby bonus was introduced that people would spend it all on pokies, new outboard motors, booze, drugs and tattoos. According to Abbott, the only people who work hard are those earning above $100,000, he would know, after all he has spent the last two and a half years visiting every workplace that also just happened to be a Liberal Party donor..


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