Pollylim; Christopher Pyne

8 responses to “Pollylim; Christopher Pyne

  1. I like it.


  2. molesting their…um…rears? Is he that kind of politician?


    • I honestly never thought of that word, Sis. Honestly. And, in Australia, one does not speculate on that side of a right wing politician’s life unless it has already been reported by the Murdoch press. (which is pretty well all the press we have – he owns 70% and “influences” the rest) Truly! I never even considered that word! *looking around for Lawyers with pieces of paper in their hands*


  3. Maybe ‘Corrupting their queers’?


  4. You can always rely on Pyne
    Who makes whinging his usual line
    To jump into the fray
    With nought value to say
    In his girlie effeminate whine


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