Pollylim; Clive Palmer

4 responses to “Pollylim; Clive Palmer

  1. I know this is nasty, but as one that has weigh problems all my life, I might just get away with it.

    I find it amusing how his arms stick out of his body. They are so short,


  2. I believe Clive’s new Party’s a ploy
    And the Public’s being used like a toy
    It’s just bullshit he totes
    And will send preference votes
    To the Libs and Tony his boy.

    I have doubts about Palmer’s new toy
    And think his new Party’s a ploy
    He must know he can’t win
    And I’ll bet he will spin
    His preferences to Tony his boy


  3. I wonder and just can’t believe
    In CP and what’s up his sleeve
    I’ll bet raisins to dates
    He and Tone are still mates
    And his preferences will help them achieve


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