The Tony Abbott Election Policies Revealed

Despite all of Tony Abbott’s plausibly deniable machinations, an election in 2013 is becoming more, not less likely. Having no officially announced policies for that election is beginning to look like a deliberate strategy.

I predict that Abbott, should he still be leader, which is less likely than a 2013 election, will go to that election with policies which are wishy washy, rubbery and of no substance. As he did in the 2010 election.

Further, I expect an elected Prime Minister Abbott (walks away from keyboard in horror at the words just typed).

(resumes after some restorative ales)

Assuming the polls are correct, hold up and the above scenario materialises then can we expect a term of Abbott Government to be wishy washy, rubbery and of no substance?

Not at all. Abbott will make good old fashioned motherhood statements during the election and then take some very strong actions once in power. He is setting the scene right now. Abbott will take these actions and, correctly, explain that they WERE announced prior to the elections. Just not during the campaign!

Take the National Disability Insurance Scheme as an example. The Gillard Government has set this scheme into motion with a COAG committee already formed with the aim of having the sheme in operation by 2013. Tony Abbott was said he also wants an NDIS but he wants it to be in the distant future of 2018/19 and he is claiming that he “would accept a government invitation to be jointly responsible for this vital national project.” This is a polite way of saying, “We, the Coalition of the Right, will dump this scheme after we are elected.”

So, there is a part of his policy platform right there. Not that we will hear it in those words during the campaign. We will be told, “I support the NDIS”. The reality will strike later. Coded policy is the new mantra.

Have there been any other announcements of Coalition policy recently?

Surprisingly, there have. A whole bunch of them. One wonders if Peta Credlin, the chief Liberal puppet mistress, hasn’t had a hand in setting things up this way. Get the negatives out now then we can ignore them during the run-up to “Our Election”.

Another policy announcement was that strange “Entitlement” speech given by Joe Hockey in London a couple of weeks ago. That one where he “condemned the culture of Entitlement in Western Countries.” Where he suggested that Australia would be better off without pensions and a safety net.

This was mocked and disowned and argued against for a couple of days and has since sunk without a trace. Had it not been a coded policy announcement, Peta Credlin would have had Hockey’s rather over-large guts for an XXXOS pair of garters. No! Not a bid for the leadership. This was another coded announcement.

It will not be mentioned during the election yet will appear afterwards in the great Black-Hole fill-in. Billions of dollars “saved” by this wonderfully responsible and caring Government-to-be which will get rid of the evil “Entitlement” which our society of parasitic welfarees expects. Millions of people; men, women and children with their incomes cut to almost zero and thrown out onto the streets. Australia will not be a country for the weak, the infirm or the disadvantaged.

What else is there which has been announced spoken of recently? Why, of course! The environment.  We can’t have silly tree-huggers and nazi greenies ruining things for Big Business.

Recently, political leaders devoted much of the Council of Australian Governments meeting to consider a push by Victoria and New South Wales to do away with “unnecessary” environmental regulations. In response to this, Peta Credlin, through her mouthpiece, Tony Abbott, said that if she “won government in an election expected next year he would cut deals to give each state and territory power to handle all environmental approvals. The plan, creating ”one-stop shops” where businesses could get all their environmental approvals signed off via one set of paperwork, intends to reduce so-called ”green tape” – the duplication that business groups have long complained about.” Code for throwing the environment to the wolves!

Come campaign time, this will again be wrapped up in motherhood statements about “helping business get on with their job of creating employment.”

Speaking of employment, the 457 Visa raised its ugly head again during the week. A wonderful system for stealing cheap skills from third-world countries and reducing available jobs for expensive Australian workers.

In the Credlin-inspired speech written for the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott puppetly said, “Under a Coalition government, section 457 visas won’t be just a component, but a mainstay of our immigration program.” Of course it is always claimed that the 457 wages will match the wages of Australian workers doing the same job. But definitions are easily smudged and wages bills suddenly become less.

The Visa 457 immigration system is not just stealing skills from other countries, it promotes an abrogation of the Australian Government’s duty to educate Australians. Schools and Teachers will also lose out under this Coalition treachery.

Which brings us to the “dead, buried AND cremated” Work Choices. Hands up anyone who does not think these Howard, Costello and HR Nicholls Society inspired anti-worker laws will be brought back under a Credlin Abbott led Government.

I didn’t think I would see any hands go up.

Which leaves refugees. Abbott will give Immigration Spokesbigot Morrison full rein to incarcerate asylum seekers on Nauru when he finds his rhetoric about “Turning the boats around” is not only impractical but also not permitted by Indonesia!

So there is the true Coalition Agenda. The one we don’t hear about. To be added to the NBN which will be stopped and the already constructed network which will be sold off to News Ltd. The Carbon Price which will be removed and the “Direct Action” scheme put in in its place at a cost of more than $1300 per household.

So there are the policies, put out there on the instructions of the faceless, heartless Peta Credlin.

Anti Welfare, Anti Environment, Anti Worker, Anti Education, Anti Refugees. The Leader of NO will have his way.

Yet his political party still has the vote of nearly 60% of the Australian Electorate.Enough to give him power in both the House of Representatives AND in the Senate removing any need for a double dissolution!

Not Prime Abbott. Dictator Abbott! With his strings being pulled by an Incredlinby able puppet-mistress!

Think about it, my fellow Australians!

7 responses to “The Tony Abbott Election Policies Revealed

  1. Too true to be disgusting but too true not to be!! OMG, what shall we do .. there are times I understand the insanity of the American gun “laws” (which aren’t really laws but lack thereof) which allow children to shoot people!! Not that I’m going to because I’m not a child any more .. maybe my 2nd childhood?


  2. I love Mr. Marr’s explanation of the preferred PM. According to him, Mr. Abbott has manged to bring the PM down to his level.

    Mr. Howard refuse to accept Coulson vote. Did that occur and how. Pyne ABC24

    Pyne is now claiming that Mr. Shorten putting an administrator in because of Mr. Thompson’s action. I believe this is not the truth.

    Wonder, Mr Pyne does not support this government, Has done so since day one. Mr. Pyne is indeed angry.

    He is sure upset.

    It would not be, because they have been outsmarted again.


  3. Are you worried. Did one noticed the half smirk , Mr. Pyne had problem controlling.

    Is being challenged about the type of politics aboard today.


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