Pollylim; Peta, Tony and Brian

16 responses to “Pollylim; Peta, Tony and Brian

  1. Heard rumours about this for months. If it’s true, why doesn’t somebody pick it up?


    • Probably because Peta Credlin controls the news cycle. And if this got traction it would upset the Tony-image. As well as lessening the case against Slipper and Thompson it may lessen the Credlin-fearpower in the Office 🙂 Summed up – News Ltd has been told to shut-up about it!


  2. Is that why Tony Abbott keeps visiting news Ltd? There is the Fairfax press though. But I guess without proof you leave yourself open. How come News Ltd can spread rumours about Peter Slipper? If the allegations are tested and he comes out clean, he could clean up.


    • There is enough dirt on Slipper from the Howard days for the truth to be damning. And even if Slipper is able to sue successfully, what is a million or so bucks to a Yank who wants to rule Australia?


  3. Is that the shiela he’s meant to be bonking?


  4. A pollie minder, Ms Credlin,
    Was warned by his wife to stop meddlin
    In their family life
    Or she’d soon be in strife
    With him on his bike and told to keep pedallin.


  5. I thought the rumor was about the daughter of some Liberal big wig from Melbourne.
    But I like the limerick


  6. Sue, not the daughter, then, but a big wig’s wife huh?


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