Pollylim; Tony Abbott

4 responses to “Pollylim; Tony Abbott

  1. Brilliant 10/10


  2. Much as I loathe limericks .. this one is pretty good. 😉


  3. Tony Abbott is at it again
    With Faceless Men addling his brain
    The wingnutted git
    Gibbers drayloads of shit
    Giving everyone listening pain.

    Tony Abbott’s aware of the date
    Kevin Rudd had set for Debate
    But the wingnutted runt
    Is frightened to front
    Cos he knows he’ll get done with a checkmate.

    Tony Abbott the master of stealth
    Today is shitting himself
    For in a Debate
    Knows he just doesn’t rate
    And also not good for his health.

    Some Catholics think Tony’s a Saint
    But look closer you’ll find that he aínt
    For he’s not had a Miracle
    Sometimes gets hysterical
    And should be kept in a constraint

    Lying Tony has proved he’s a smarty
    So to keep Aussie hale and hearty
    And to fulfill your dreams
    Please shit on the schemes
    Of Abbott’s Misogynist Party.

    Tony Abbott incessantly emotes
    With his bleating of “Tow back the boats”
    Like a bloody cracked record
    Echoed by the discord
    Of his team of Liberal goats.


  4. Wing nutted “Flim Flam” and blubberguts “Guff”
    Look like they’re doing it tough
    For them things get worse
    Aint’ jealousy a curse
    Since Rudd put the Libs in the rough.

    For Mr “Flim Flam” and “Guff” it gets worse
    And showing jealousy is a great curse
    They’re now doing it tough
    Soon will run out of puff
    Since Rudd put the Libs in reverse.

    Today Tony Abbott the bum
    Let a grain of truth from his mouth come
    When he said, “”You can bet
    What Libs promise you’ll get!”
    By wiping all the good Labours done.

    Question Abbott the Rhodes Scholar star
    And his answer will start with “Look Ah!”
    Then his slimy tongue
    Spits the usual dung
    Same old, same old, thus far


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