Pollylim; Joe Hockey

5 responses to “Pollylim; Joe Hockey

  1. Love the limerick, archie.

    As I suggested at CW, before the old, infirm and otherwise disadvantaged pop their clogs, they could be gainfully employed building workhouses in Sloppy’s brave new Australia.

    i knew the Liars were backward looking, but i just thought it was the Romance of The Howard Years they craved. I couldn’t be more wrong-it’s the Romance of Victorian England that floats their ideological boat!


  2. Thanks Jane. This is even scarier than Work Choices. We are now being threatened with Welfare Choices, and we now know what “Choices” is code for – – –


  3. We will still hear the screams, loud and clear, when this government, on budget night, means test more of those benefits.

    I thought it was good governance, to review government spending on a regular basis.

    Is not that what happens in the pre-budget period.


  4. There are a couple of entitlements that I have problems with.

    The entitlement some believe they have to be in government and be PM, no matter what the voters say.

    The entitlement to record profits, no matter the economical environment.

    The entitlement to move back to the dark ages of master and servant when it comes to IR.

    The entitlement to government handouts, no matter the size of one’s income.

    A new one that is arising, the entitlement to only pay taxes that one supports.

    Yes there is a big problem with the sense of entitlement that many have.

    There is the entitlement that many have, of demanding private education for their children, leaving the taxpayer to pay for it.

    I do not believe this is what Mr. Hockey is addressing.


    • The ultimate aim is not a move back to Victorian times or even the middle ages and their “serfdom”. It is a move back to the foundations of Democracy. Who could argue with that?

      Certainly the slaves of Athens couldn’t. They couldn’t vote because democracy was too important to be wasted on the lower classes!

      Only the rich and the landowners will get a vote in our brave new Athens!


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