Pollylim; Lattéka

I was going to use, as a last line;

“Than prove he’s a jerk gone berserk!”

5 responses to “Pollylim; Lattéka

  1. Hi Archie, yesterday, Latika was asking on Twitter yesterday if anyone had a link to this..

    Julia Gillard’s carbon price promise
    by: Paul Kelly and Dennis Shanahan
    From: The Australian August 20, 2010


    I won’t hold my breath waiting to see what she says about it!

    “she lied about the carbon tax” is a handy line for the Opposition and their trusty band of journalists, but what “Tony says” is a great big lie.

    “there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead, but i am
    determined to put a price on carbon”.


  2. Hi Archie
    Tweets today there were many, regarding Andrew Robb favouring the Banks on radio this morning:

    Tim Dunlop on Twitter:-
    Genuinely dreadful performance by Andrew Robb this morning. Worth a listen if you haven’t heard it http://www.abc.net.au/am/content/2012/s3477815.htm

    Latika says on the Drum this afternoon. Andrew Robb was just clumsy, he was just talking clumsily , you know clumsiness. Listen to the clarification and I wonder if Latika would still say clumsy or another word.

    Funny how they laugh off the Coalition blunders.
    Andrew Robb this afternoon clarifies on radio
    2GB 873‏
    Opposition Finance Spokesman Andrew Robb clarifies his vocal defence of big banks lifting rates:

    cheers lyn


  3. Guess who the Tweeter is who is going to find himself dumped by most of the female Press Gallery … you are a naughty boy. You haven’t even thought of Lyndal or Laura or Mia .. goodness, what bias!


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