Incompetence Shines Through

With all the polls indicating a crushingly anti-ALP mood within the Australian Electorate, fed by a conniving media, there are still some things which cannot be papered over.

Like the incompetence of the Barnett Government in Western Australia. Like the apparent fraud of the Rorts Royalties for Regions imposed upon the State by National’s leader, Brendon Grylls when he hijacked 25% of all oils and mineral royalties for his blatant pork-barrelling use.

Like the perverted chair-sniffing adulterer whose treatment of Parliament House as his own sexual playground led to him being sacked from Cabinet. The discovered lack of ability in the ruling Liberal Party led to him being returned, now in charge of the State Bank Account. Is it possible for the electorate to determine which of his decisions are for the benefit of the State and which are for his personal pleasure?

It all adds up and electors DO have a memory longer than a goldfish!

The poll numbers are becoming disturbing and, to keep the current LNP Govt in the apparent lead, shenanigans have to be played with those numbers. The “uncommitted” are excluded and the 2PP number is based on preferences, not in this poll but on the last election, some four years ago! ALP + Greens = 46% yet only 11% of “Other” is allocated to the ALP to give an alleged 47% 2PP.

Think about it, then think about some of the other polling tripe we are being fed nationally!

7 responses to “Incompetence Shines Through

  1. There are lies, damned lies and statistics .. only now there seems to be lies, damned lies, statistics and Polls!!! Well, whoop-de-dooo!


  2. A potentially good post spoilt by those irrelevant personal comments about a certain Liberal Party MLA. Okay to talk about Brendan Grylls in relation to potential pork barrelling but not to refer to the personal life of a politician unless it directly reflects on the job he is doing.


    • Hi Patricia, I do agree with you. Unfortunately politics is all about perceptions and while we on the left try to be polite and politically correct, out opponents have a track record of using non-politicians to say very nasty things about their opponents. Politics is a hard and dirty game and I am fed up with always giving the advantage to our opponents by “playing by the rules!”

      Having said all that, I do try to be polite to my opponents and I agree that a politician’s private life is their own. Yet in the case we are talking about the actions took place in work-place situations. In OUR Parliament House. While he was “on-duty” as it were. To me this makes them job related and so commenting othem is justified. Had he sniffed chairs in a hall in outer Meekatharra, or twanged a bra-strap in Northern Widgimooltha while away from official business, then it would be his private business. But those actions took place within Parliament House and amongst his parliamentary colleagues.

      The adultery relationship also took place in a Parliamentary setting. It does raise questions about his motives and intentions whenever he says or does anything in relation to another Member of Parliament, whether within his party or outside of it. It may be embarrassing for him but it IS work-related and it IS relevant to his duties as a Member of the Government and as a Cabinet Minister!

      Unsavoury comments, I agree. Yet I find them, even upon close examination, relevant to the discussion.


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    • Point taken, but then I think it should be clear how those personal traits do affect performance or profile. Judging by your limericks I’d say you were more than capable of doing that with just a few extra words, or an explanatory phrase in parenthesis.


      • You are right. I did that post without a lot of thought for my readers. It was a self-indulgent rant where I cut out a lot of words and just left the bare bones. I’ll have a look at it later this evening. (Limericks force an economy of words and an assumption of background knowledge. My “poetry” is similar.)


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