Book Review; The Suspect, Michael Robotham

The Suspect is a great big one-sitting read of 339 pages.

From a rooftop in London to an explosive finale, Joseph O’Loughlan has his normal life disrupted and then destroyed.

He appears to have the perfect life – a beautiful wife, a loving daughter and a successful career as a clinical psychologist. But even the most flawless existence is only a loose thread away from unravelling. All it takes is a murdered girl, a troubled young patient and the biggest lie of his life.

The plotting is tight, the story is scarily possible and the villain is unexpectedly close.

Authors with prestigious names such as Rendell, Rankin and La Plante would not be upset to have this novel as a part of their ouvre.

I have come to Michael Robotham late. He published this, his first crime novel, in 2004. The advantage is that this means there are now a number of Robotham crimes to savour.


4 responses to “Book Review; The Suspect, Michael Robotham

  1. This sounds like a great novel! I don’t usually read crime fiction, but I think I may have to start.


  2. I’ll have to check him out, he is not a name I recognise from my library shelves.


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