A Bit of Perth

When the Kwinana Freeway was built about 60 years ago, it ran alongside the South Perth bank of the Canning River. This was controversial as that foreshore was one of the major recreation areas for those lucky enough to live “South of the River”. Especially around the Como Jetty at the end of Preston St.

I spent some time jumping off the end of the jetty into the river. Others used the beach as a launch area for yachts and canoes and “tinnies”. I’m sure that after dark it was also quite popular.

All this meant that a series of pedestrian overpasses were run over the Freeway.

Over time, the South Perth City Council has improved the bridge at Preston St as this was an historically important area. More on that tomorrow.

The overpass is now quite distinctive.

I have seen this as I have travelled along the Freeway for a number of years and assumed the sails were to protect pedestrians from the westering sun and its reflection off the river.

I was wrong.

There is now a covered lookout area on the river end of the pedestrian way.

And the view is special. Along the Como Jetty and across the Canning River. Pelicans are a bonus.


4 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. I do love a hyperbolic paraboloid.


  2. Jellyfish!!! My father grew up in Como (next to South Perth and where the Como jetty is – which, btw, is the jetty you show, I think) and he used to reminisce about the jetty and jumping into the cool water of the river on a hot day. OK, so we come to Perth and spend the day with rellies in the old family home in Eric Street, Como. “Let’s go swimming” Yay! So we all traipse down to the jetty … stripped off to my bikini and dived in … to millions and zillions and squishillions of jellyfish!!! Not nice. I got out quicker than I got in and glared at my Dad. “Oh, I forgot to tell you there might be jellyfish and be careful”. Huh!!! 😦


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