A New Cocktail

I walked into my local bar.

It is not a posh place. In fact its décor is rather tasteless and the service even more so.

Depending on the bartender the concoctions which may be served can be an adventure in themselves.

So it was with some trepidation that I asked Ken, the new guy, “Got any specials today?”

“Yes, I mix Pabst Blue Ribbon and Smirnoff Vodka.”

“What do you call it?”

“Well, Sir, I call it a ‘Pabst Smir’ !”

9 responses to “A New Cocktail

  1. i’ll be sure to ask about that cocktail the next time i’m in for my annual check up!


  2. Oh my goodness. Bad, bad, bad.


  3. If there was a smiley for scratching my head in a puzzled way, I’d be using it…


  4. As luck would have it I have both ingredients…


  5. It took me waaay too long to get this one. . . Don’t drink Pabst although as cheap beers go it is “okay” The beer I have in my hand right now is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale which is not cheap and is good. Not much of a Vodka girl really, more of a rummy.


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