Book Review; Lessons of Evil

A disturbing début novel by Linda Myers.

Based around a cluster of multiple personality patients this story raises interesting and worrying questions about the influence of cults in our society.

Tense and surprisingly hard to put down, I was trapped in this book  from the start. Not to say I read it in one sitting. The subject and the writing is intense and I needed some breaks from the emotional stress. Now, a week after I finished reading “Lessons of Evil”, it is still exercising my mind. I am looking at the many cults of which we are becoming aware with a new vision.

Laura Covington sets up in a community health clinic in Oregon and begins treating a patient who seems to have multiple personalities. Events lead to a remote religious commune and its leader, Abishua. Several commune members live and work in the town where unexplained murders begin to occur. With a rising death toll, the local Police Force seems unable to make progress and Laura’s son falls into danger.

Enough said. This is an excellent read and worth a lot more than the $3.99 it costs from Amazon and eBookit.

Note: I have been a long time reader of the author’s blog. There I watched “Lessons of Evil” grow from an idea into reality. While Linda writes on her blog with great humour and compassion, this novel stunned me with its professionalism and ability to shock.

4 responses to “Book Review; Lessons of Evil

  1. I’m intrigued, unfortunately it is only available in digital format and I don’t own a Kindle. I’m a hardcore bibliophile and I love my books to actually be books.


    • I still love the feel of books but found I was spending so much on them, I needed to find a way to reduce the cost. I console myself with the thought that trees are being saved. btw, if you change, don’t go the kindle path. Amazon use a nasty form of Digital Rights on the Kindle!


      • Good to know, what brand would you recommend? Good point about the costs and the trees btw, coupled with the fact that I’m running out of space for books.


        • I use the Sony E-Reader (aka Kobo) as it is not tied to any one bookseller. I can get books from a number of sources although Amazon has a bar on anything other than the Kindle. At some stage they will have to drop that silly rule when they discover that they do not have a monopoly. The disadvantage is that kindle is still the only reader with an inbuilt download system. Not that it would help me – it only works in the USA.


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