BBC Quiz of the Week

This week I took a walk through the Heritage Precinct in Perth where a lot of the buildings are being preserved and plaques setting out a short history of each building is attached. So a week of Old Buildings is coming up on A Bit of Perth.

In other news, I cleaned the car. Then it rained!

Some interesting links;

Sea Shepherd E-Newsletter

Second-best Headline

Sweden vs. Assange

Quote of the week;

“I’m not a meteorologist. All I know is 90 percent of the scientists say climate change is occurring. If 90 percent of the oncological community said something was causing cancer we’d listen to them.”  ~~ Jon Huntsman, in an interview with Time, on whether he believes in climate change.

Seen on Twitter;

I’m trying to be an optimist but things aren’t looking good.

Sometimes I’d like to conduct my Internet browsing over the telephone and not have to stare at a screen.

Last Week

Despite doubling her score from the week before, Azahar again won the hat. In other news, Dinahmow won a crown while a high average score was had by most.  🙂

This week’s quiz appears to be error free so have at it, and good luck.

Previous Dunces

10th June, 2/7, azahar
3rd June, 1/7, azahar
27th May, 2/7, gitwizard, sandy, nursemyra
20th May, 2/7, daisyfae Rob,
13th May, 1/7, Daddy Papersurfer, daisyfae
6th May, 0/7, Puddock
29th Apr, 1/7, Rob, Daddy Papersurfer
22nd April, 2/7, daisyfae
15th Apr, 2/7, gitwizard, Cybe R Wizard, sandy, azahar
8th Apr, 2/7, azahar
1st Apr, 2/7, azahar
25th Mar, 0/7, nursemyra
18th Mar, 3/7,
gitwizard, Rob, Ærchie
11th Mar, 1/7, Cybe R Wizard
4th Mar, 2/7, Rob
25th Feb, 1/7, Puddock, sandy, gitwizard
18th Feb, 2/7, Herr G Eagle, azahar

Crown Winners (7/7)

10th Dec, 2010, dinahmow
17th Dec, 2010, Cybe R Wizard, dinahmow
7th Jan 2011, dinahmow, nursemyra
14th Jan, 2011, dinahmow
21st Jan, 2011, dinahmow
28th Jan, 2011, Cybe R Wizard, dinahmow
4th Feb, 2011, Buff
11th Mar, 2011, dinahmow
18th Mar, 2011, dinahmow
1st Apr, 2011, Ærchie, dinahmow
26th Apr, 2011, dinahmow
6th May, 2011, dinahmow

27th May, 2011, dinahmow, Cybe R Wizard
3rd Jun, 2011, dinahmow

10th Jun, 2011, dinahmow

11 responses to “BBC Quiz of the Week

  1. Mrs Palin let me down. 6/7


  2. Today I live in hope – 1/7.


  3. You have scored 4/7

    *passes hat to Daddy P*


  4. Just to prove my ongoing stupidity, 3/7.


  5. Oh dear – almost-hero to almost-zero – 2/7 for me this week…


  6. I can’t! – 2/7. Clearly it’s been too many weeks since the dunce cap last graced my melon. Oh, but looking up, I see that I have been saved by Daddy P. Bravo, sir!

    Note that the two I got correct were ones I actually knew.

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  7. 6/7 … and the one I got wrong? The silly, stupid sausage one … I never believed “he’d” have even /thought/ of doing something like that so I didn’t think it could be “him”” wot said that! Fancy! Maybe it /is/ something in that position


  8. 2/7 I was saddened to learn that the Royal newlyweds travel with a hair stylist rather than a speecwriter. Oh well. Silly me to expect less shallowness.


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