This is not about Cam and Bert!

Buff and I frequently snack on cheese and crackers.

Brie was, and still is, one of our favourite cheeses.

Consequently, we like to keep one unopened package in the refrigerator in addition to the partial package left over from the last snack attack.

One day, however, we completely exhausted our supply.

On our subsequent trip to the grocery store, I found myself at the cheese display wondering whether the purchase of just one package would be sufficient.

So, with a package in each hand, I had to ask Buff, …

“Two brie or not two brie, that is the question.”

8 responses to “This is not about Cam and Bert!

  1. haahaha. I mean it. It’s just that I don’t want to encourage you, because not everyone is so hahahah. xo


  2. To brie, definitely to brie..that is the answer.

    And, yes, Archie, you are incurable so I guess we all just have to grin and bare it.


  3. So, so bad. As ever.


  4. Even the title is worth a groan … oh dear, how cheesy.


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