It’s Not My Fault

I am not to blame for many of the extremely bad and sometimes unforgivable puns which are published on the archive. Many arrive via email, some by twitter. Luckily I rarely look at my facebook account so that is not to blame for what follows.

Thanks for dropping me in it again, Gordon!

The annual festivity for the town of Hixville was a contest to test skills such as ax sharpening, scepter shining, web weaving, cooking, hair vetch cutting and witches broom sweeping.

The perennial winner was Bertram McCoy.

The annual losers were the Amber boys; Aesop, Avril, Jon and Nuff.

Each time that Bertie won, his girlfriend Wendy got so excited that she would consume a whole turkey.

This year was not an exception.

As the Hixville Herald reported, . . . “Bertie dazed Aesop Amber, Avril, Jon and Nuff Amber. All the tests Champ Bertie won: ax, scepter, web, roué, hairy, witches. Wendy ate!”

2 responses to “It’s Not My Fault

  1. I give up. Far too “learned” for me. And I’m not going to persist either … 😦


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