Stonehenge by IKEA

14 responses to “Stonehenge by IKEA

  1. where was the damn druid help line when i was putting together my f*^*^%ng dresser?!?!


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  3. I’d buy it! I LOVE flat packs, though I must be the last person on the planet not to have bought one from Ikea…


  4. Nope, Puddock … you’re not. I bought mine from another shop and my Carer (not husband) put it together with one of the shelves upside down. So I have Dark Beech everywhere except one shelf which is a sort of “piney” colour. It’s interesting. 🙂


  5. I do like this idea although my aversion to actually going to IKEA is almost pathological.


  6. These instructions are uncannily similar to other instruction sheets I have seen, although not from Ikea. I think the difficulties one might encounter during construction are more clearly indicated on this set of instructions than they ever are in real life. I’ve never seen ones that included the need for cussing, beer and head scratching.


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