Bonus Royal Quiz – Find Your Perfect Royal Partner

There are not a lot of them left so you had better get in there quick.

Which of Europe’s unfettered Royals would suit you?

Click on the map to start this bonus quiz.

I ended up with a Nordic Princess who likes to live on the wild side.

5 responses to “Bonus Royal Quiz – Find Your Perfect Royal Partner

  1. I got Prince Carl Philip of Sweden. Not bad, not half bad.


  2. I got Prince Harry, but he’s awfully young for me. On second thought, maybe that’s not so bad. . .


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  4. I got Pierre Casiraghi. Pity he’s only 23


  5. My catch is Princess Maria Laura of Belgium, brains over beauty etc.
    I’m sure she is rich enough to keep me in extremes of bad habits and decadence and fill a library and wine cellar for me so i’ll just say “I do, maam.”

    *goes away to Google ‘shizznit’……*


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