Twitter Stuff

Some of the Twitter stream which has caught my attention over the past few days.

@tom_cowie Hosni Mubarak’s suit pinstripes are actually his name repeated over and over

@howespaul I love the NT News

@jonkudelka Gillard has seven letters and starts with G just like Gaddafi…

@Colvinius NOW do you see why I care about spelling?… via @zmkc

@eric_afterdark Search begins for giant new planet in our solar system “bigger than Jupiter” – #Science, #News – The Independent

@Glebe2037 RT @mactavish: beware of tall chihuahuas:

@vizcomic RT by FantonEsquire BREAKING NEWS from a North Wales chip shop:

@RacistWallaby I’d say these birds fell in with the wrong crowd, but there’s no right crowd where they’re concerned:

3 responses to “Twitter Stuff

  1. Love that… via @zmkc.
    Hope the wife survived though.


  2. Hi,
    I also liked the video, would of never guessed it was a joke.
    I had a good laugh at the crows with the smokes, also the new potato.


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