I visit the blog of a chap named “Gitwizard” most every day.

He is a bike rider, a tree hugger, a bit of a photographer, a WWOOFer and an all-round nice guy.

He also creates buttons for some members of his blogroll.

I was stunned when I received an email from him yesterday asking if I minded a button he had created being used on his blog.

Mind? – – – MIND? I’m so chuffed I’m rolling down the rails! Whoo hooo!

And I notice I’m in the company of Daddy P and Blond oop Norff. That is exalted company indeed.

6 responses to “Chuffed

  1. So glad you like it, I was looking for a design for ages and finally found one I could mess with.
    ( My original did have your visage, but I was worried about litigation from Lee J Cobb) 🙂


  2. I’m quietly sniggering at the age of the stars … I think there is a message there, Ærchie.


  3. ‘Exalted’? …… are you feeling OK Archie?


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