Holmes Sweet Holmes

the fiendish Dr. Moriarity had finally foiled Sherlock Holmes by swallowing the key to a safe deposit box which contained incriminating evidence that could finally put the evil Doctor away for good.

Holmes’ assistant, Dr. Watson, was quite upset and fretted to Holmes that now they would never be free of Moriarity’s evil, harrassing schemes. Holmes was unfazed, however, quietly puffing on his pipe.

Watson demanded to know how Holmes could remain so calm. Holmes replied that he would indeed have the sought-after key in his possession in rather short order.

In desperation, Dr. Watson asked how Holmes could be so sure of recovering the ingested key. Taking a long draught on his pipe and blowing a satisfying cloud of smoke, Holmes smiled and replied,

“It’s alimentary, my dear Watson… alimentary!”

6 responses to “Holmes Sweet Holmes

  1. Just hope the /evil/ doctor did not digest some foul foodstuffs before nature took its course. Otherwise Sherlock may have been slightly ill … or was that the prerogative of the /good/ doctor to investigate the output?


  2. I know you’ll find this difficult to believe but someone told this joke at work today.

    We all groaned then too


  3. Oh heavens Archie ….. how do you live with yourself?


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