Roman Football

Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony and Brutus decide to go to the football match one Saturday. Roma are playing local rivals Sparta in the All Holy Roman Empire Cup. So Caesar organises the tickets and they all agree to meet at the stadium at 3pm, just in time for the kick off.

Saturday arrives and Caesar and Mark Anthony take their seats just as Roma kick off. Brutus, however, is missing. Then just before half time in comes Brutus looking a little flustered.

“My chariot lost a wheel on the way here.” explains Brutus “It took nearly an hour to fix it.”

So, he sits down with the others who by now are tucking into a half time hot-dog when out come the teams for the second half.

“How are Roma doing?” asks Brutus.

“Great!” replies Mark Anthony, “They have never played better.”

“So what’s the score then?” Brutus enquired.

“8-2, Brutus.” Caesar replied.

2 responses to “Roman Football

  1. …… and the groans were heard into 2011 ……


  2. Salve, Magister AerChi Dudissime

    Surely he said :

    “8 two, BrutE”

    Vocative, not nominative


    Aquila non Candida


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