Adventures of Jules and Tone

The beginning of a walk through Australian politics.

A novel political idea. Refugees are human beings, not footballs!

2 responses to “Adventures of Jules and Tone

  1. How interesting. I just watched the beginning of the GWN (aka Channel 7) News bulletin and the opening story was the suggested placement of refugees in Northam, a town about 100 kilometres (60 miles) away from Perth. People were asked what they thought of the idea … two women said words which amounted to “Well, they’ve got to go somewhere” while two men were vehement in their protest … including one who stated they “would not contribute to the community”. Well, excuse me! They receive an allowance while they are here, some may even get special work … and there are the staff to help them settle into their new quarters and help them as they go through the qualifying period to be granted refugees status. They all have to eat, they all have to shop for clothing, for life essentials, for furniture and cooking utensils, etc. In other words, they’ll ALL contribute to the community, the kids will go to school and learn to be Aussies. Sometimes I wonder what people have going through their brain when they “quote” the scare-mongering clap-trap spouted by Tone and Co.


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