Sky Watch Friday


After a week which included gales and clouds and rain, this Thursday evening proved to be exactly the same as last week. A completely clear sky and an eye-searing sunset.

This was my Sky Watch for last week. Note the clear golden sky and the power pole on the left.

This week I took another photo from exactly the same position and guess what.

Someone had moved the sun!

The position of that power pole and the double pine tree where the sun set last week is clearly visible. At this time of the year the sun gallops across the horizon.


17 responses to “Sky Watch Friday

  1. Wow! Didn’t you show us another orange sky recently? Your skies are incredible this time of year!


  2. Oh, WOW! indeed, Archie! They are incredible orange skies! What a terrific way to start or end a day! Superb captures! Have a great “orange” weekend!



  3. Such a great colour!


  4. great shot!! amazing how the sun changes

    happy weekend


  5. Just beautiful!I love it!


  6. Gorgeous! What fantastic color! Hope you have a beautiful weekend.


  7. wow, that coloration is fantastic.


  8. What a golden sky you’ve got here. Lovely shot!
    Sky Reflection


  9. Beauty in orange.


  10. that is a gorgeous sunset, and I loved how you compared the two photos…well done!


  11. amazing rich colours! you must have fantastic sunsets every now and then 🙂


  12. Lucky you! 🙂 And fun you’re showing us both of the pics, telling us the sun has been moved.. 😉 And the photos are just extra gorgeous!! :)) Have a nice day!


  13. I love that pair of photos. Reminds me of the years I lived in Alaska. The sun galloped there too.


  14. GORGEOUS color! I know what you mean about the sun this time of year– it makes it extra challenging to try to scope out photo spots beforehand.


  15. I’ve noticed this “galloping” in the morning lately–the sun seems to be rising behind a new house every day. Thanks for posting both shots to show just how fast this happens.


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