A Novel Question

Single Lettered Novel Titles

One of the novels short-listed for this year’s Booker Prize was “C” by Tom McCarthy. It is not the first novel to be identified with a single letter. Literary Gods such as John Berger, John Updike, and Vassilis Vassilikosall have titled novels with a single letter.  In fact, McCarthy has reused a letter which has titled a novel by another author.

This may not be the way to go in this digital age as Google has a problem when searching for a single letter. Internet marketing could be a problem. Instead of word of mouth advertising, you would need letter of mouth publicity.

However, should you get the urge to title your next novel with one letter,  there are some letters still untaken.

B, D, F, I, J, L, R, T, and U are still available.

So, now the question.

With that clue, think upon which letters have already been taken and can you name any of the authors. Other than the three mentioned above. With those three, name the novel.

After you have given up, head on over the jump.

I found the image, and the idea, here.

4 responses to “A Novel Question

  1. After the day I’ve had, I call dibs on the letter F!


  2. I didn’t know any of these.

    Poor Google. Can’t guess what you want if you only are looking for one letter, I suppose.


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