Spring is Here

Spring is here in Western Australia.

I found these little bits of Spring on the edge of the beach. Growing wild.

September is a reward for surviving the cold of winter.

Bright flashes of yellow show that Spring is indeed here.

Spring is here

Here are some of the bright purples springing up to give a counterpoint.

Spring is here

Then another yellow, known from childhood as “Dandelions” but actually the spring-flowering Cape Weed. On the farms of my youth, every Spring was noted for the fresh farm milk changing its taste due to this yellow weed.

Spring is here

9 responses to “Spring is Here

  1. Isn’t that amazing that I can celebrate spring with you, while experiencing fall where I happen to be! Great shots! Happy Spring!


  2. also heading into autumn here, and love the fact that i can vicariously see the occasional summer shot here at the archives! keep ’em coming!


  3. Seething with jealousy ……. I love the Spring …… grrrrrrr


  4. We are headed to autumn here in the northern hemisphere. Your dandelions are very different from ours. Common names of plants are so confusing.


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