The Galactic Subway

We all know how easy it is to get lost on a journey. I have stumbled across a new way to find my way around.

From Harvard’s Samuel Arbesman comes this Subway Map of the Galaxy.

Urban transit maps are wonderful tools: they are guides to traveling, they serve as mechanisms for distilling and abstracting a city down to a set of linkages and interconnections, and they are beautiful. The first ‘modern’ subway map is London’s Tube Map, designed by Harry Beck. Since then, many cities have based their transit system map designs on its spare and elegant layout, such as Boston, New York, and Amsterdam.

Here, I have attempted to do the same thing for our galaxy, the Milky Way. Our galaxy is unimaginably vast, and we really have no idea what is out there.

At the next intersection, turn right.

3 responses to “The Galactic Subway

  1. “…and straight on til morning.” ?


  2. I quite like this. Are these faster than light subway cars? Are the tunnels worm holes? Can you get where you are going before you leave?

    These and many other questions come to mind as I study the map.


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