What Kind of Scientist Are You?

I found this over at the (new) Ol’ Raincoater blog.

Who of course is a mad scientist out to destroy Mankind and the Earth.

Which was only to be expected from one who is into total domination!

13 responses to “What Kind of Scientist Are You?

  1. Mad Scientist

    Though your chief goals are the somewhat contradictory aims to rule, and then destroy, the planet Earth, you have a strong grasp of the scientific principles of blowing up things (Explodology). Good luck and please have mercy.


  2. I am also a Mad Scientist. I sort of suspected this was where I would find myself, given my penchant for cackling and poking around in pond margins.


  3. Why am I not surprised that I am surrounded by mad scientists?


  4. And the link??? Or am I supposed to go to Raincoaster’s blog?


  5. Mad as a Hatter here


  6. Oooh dear……i’m a leech monger…..whatever that means.


  7. Everyone is always supposed to go to raincoaster’s blog. Everyone except those damn leech mongers!


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