The Merenge

The Merenge is another of those South American dances.

Wild music and wilder dancers are the keys to this vertical intercourse.

Even Golden Retrievers enjoy it.

Watch her tail! And the grin.

Found over at Gawker

10 responses to “The Merenge

  1. nothing like a happy, dancing dog to get my day started properly! but Mr. Pickles? he’s a bit nervous…


  2. That is one of the happiest dogs I have seen in a while! And the amount of time that her person had to spend with her to accomplish that dance is probably incalculable.

    I am looking at Ruby with different eyes. . .


  3. Hi,
    Fantastic video, I really enjoyed that, everyone including the dog looked liked they were having a heap of fun. How talented is that dog.


  4. I loved it, but I’m a little afraid I think like Shona does … how much strain would it have put on her hind legs and hips, seeing Goldies usually suffer from some sort of hip problem. She obviously loves it, and her master, though … what a beautiful dog!


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