Australia? You’re Screwed!

Jon Kudelka was a regular on the archive during the last months of the Howard Government.

He is featured again because of his brilliance in summing up the total dysfunction into which the Land Down Under has been thrown by our recent General Election.

A group of disparate Independents will, between them, attempt to choose the course of our country until the whole creaking edifice falls down.

Back to the polls in 2011!

Burgled Jon Kudelka’s Blog.

4 responses to “Australia? You’re Screwed!

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  2. Hi,
    Absolutly brilliant, I loved it, I had a good laugh, and let’s face it we certainly need to laugh about it. Personally, I would like to get back to the polls ASAP.


  3. Sooo glad to see you still have a link to Kudelka … he’s one of the best cartoonists I’ve seen … the best since Paul Rigby. This is clever and smart and snippy and sharp and just brilliant!


  4. We’ve been surviving under a minority government here in the Great White North for much longer than anybody figured. This is due, in part, to the fact that we were suffering election fatigue. The other part is our sneaky prime minister’s successfully proroguing Parliament – twice – to stave off defeat of his government.

    I don’t know how it is in Oz, but here it generally doesn’t matter which of the two main parties holds power in Parliament. Be interesting to see what happens down under, eh?


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