What Bubble Tea are you?

I’m not even sure what it is, this “Bubble Tea”. Probably an artificially flavoured liquid containing far too much C12H22O11.

Anyhow, here goes.

You Are Strawberry Bubble Tea

You are very modern and with the times. You are up on the latest trends.

You are sweet, but there’s nothing safe about you’re approach to life. You’re secretly daring.

You are as unselfish as they come, and you’re always ready to celebrate good news and good times with friends.

You make an ideal partner. You also are the perfect best friend.

Burgled from raincoaster

9 responses to “What Bubble Tea are you?

  1. I am Almond Bubble Tea

    It told me:
    You are an ideas person, and you are always thinking of new ways to change the world.
    Your taste is somewhat unconventional, although you don’t like anything too far out.

    You have a reputation for being quirky, and at times, you make sure to fuel it.
    You’re definitely adverse to following the crowd. You want to do things your way!


  2. I got the same as you Archie


  3. Gosh, what an entertaining quiz. Whereever did you get it?


  4. If you were a disaccharide, which would you be? Too many to choose from, makes me sleepy just looking at ’em all.

    Does being a Coffee Bubble Tea mean I have to bite the bubbles in the bath now?


  5. You Are Blueberry Bubble Tea
    You are very bold, but you aren’t overpowering. You are just don’t tone it down for anyone.
    You have a vivid and interesting personality. But you are also sweet and easy going.

    Most people have never met anyone like you before. You are a refreshing change of pace.
    You are deep and complex. The more friends spend time around you, the more they appreciate you.


  6. I too have no idea what this “bubble tea” is. I bet my #2 Son knows though.

    Last June, he moved from Guangzhou in China to Prague in the Czech Republic. This week, his Facebook status says “Just came to a horrible realisation that I’ve seen not one zhen zhu nai cha bubble tea anywhere in Prague. 珍珠奶茶 Nooooooh!”


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