Ok, we all know just how good the Spell-Check Gods can be.

Just don’t trust them. They are as deceptive as that old Serpent in the Garden of Eden.

They also encourage that slothful laziness which leads to words loosing there plaice.

I read a lot of posts. I also read the comments.

Some of them become almost unreedable. Their are sew many homophones a sentence can lose it’s weigh on the trip to teh readers’ brain.

It is one thing to rely on and blame Spell Check but that incorrect homophone has to be typed before it is accepted as correct. If you, as the writer of a post or a comment, make silly errors in this matter then Spell Check is of no use and you forfeit your right to be taken seriously.

Sometimes we readers get totally fed up. Those mistakes eventually lead to major Tourette’s outbursts.

As I found  hear here at Learn Your Damn Homophones

18 responses to “Homophonophobic

  1. Carol Ann Hoel

    pikky, pikky, pikky. If it sounds rite, its rite.


  2. Perhaps comment boxes should practice suggestive sexs …..


  3. Eye conquer. Two orphan wee sea thees eras.


  4. This is one of the reasons I simply cannot bring myself to read the comments at “I Can Has Cheeseburger.” They have taken this to an extreme that is actually very annoying.

    However, I have to take issue with you. “Loosing” is NOT a homophone for “Losing.” They are pronounced differently and if people were actually going to spell the second incorrectly the way it sounds they would be writing “Loozing.” Lozers.


  5. Half of these aren’t homophones:


    …at least, not where I come from.

    I read one curious misuse of language this morning I’d never seen before – “during when” rather than “while”.


  6. Oddly enough I rote a post two day part, of which is about a candidate for governor in Tennessee. I have video and a few quotes from his website which is pathetically hilarious and contains every example of bad grammar won could imagine.


  7. That is one of the scarier things I have seen recently. Not that he is able to run for Governor but that he is able to function at all!


  8. My pet grammatical peeve is “different to” when it should be”different from”… “Similar to”, “different from”!!!


  9. Do you want to be taken seriously???? Where to start…….losing not loosing, Place not plaice, unreadable not unreedable, so not sew, way not weigh.
    Get your own house in order Douche…. 😉


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