Looked Out My Window Today

No, I didn’t go overboard. Not that I couldn’t have. After all, some people do go a little bit overboard when they see a double rainbow.

13 responses to “Looked Out My Window Today

  1. i love the double rainbow man. very, very much….


  2. TWO pots of gold! Those Leprechauns clearly don’t use union labour.


  3. haha…. I watched that yosemite video on the weekend…. whatever he’s taking, I want some of it…..


  4. Nursie, my initial thought was “I want whatever he’s having!”. LOL


  5. Ærchie, it’s lovely … but I’m glad you didn’t try and see the other end from the 7th floor!


  6. Nursie and Buff, I too was listening to Double Rainbow Man and thinking, “I’d like to have what he was having!” Amazing. Really. Just beautiful. too much.

    Great photos, Archie, Don’t try to kid us, we know you were laughing and crying too.


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