10 responses to “Epiphany

  1. I do not like this…even if it is photoshopped. no stars


    • Alas there is much in life which may not be fun to be a part of but can be funny to an observer. For much that we fear is laughed at to make it bearable. With (nearly) a lifetime of experience, my reaction was “Ouch! I know how the penguin feels!”

      Oh, and no stars will allow one person who thinks it worth 5 stars to make it five stars – if you give one star then the two votes combine to give just 3 stars. I think.


  2. just when you think you’ve got the world all sussed out… a killer whale emerges from the sea and reminds you that shit happens.

    perspective. use it or lose it.


  3. I knew penguins had a use ……


  4. We shouldn’t jump to any hasty conclusions here, the whale may actually be delivering the penguin back to the iceberg…….


  5. Yeah, I agree, gitwizard … that’s a definite “spitting” motion there .. you can see the tongue spitting the penguin out so it has to be your interpretation which is right! :-p


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