Poulet Sir Prize Award

One of my favourite bloggers is Honjii.

For some reason she seems to think I deserve an award.

This much coveted award is for bloggers who have a sense of humor and are smarter than a and not too chicken to say what they think.

1. Proudly display the award on your blog with a link back to Honjii and a link back to the blogger, along with his/her name, who chose to award your blog.
2. Bestow this award, along with the rules, on a minimum of three blogs.
3. Contact the bloggers you’ve chosen and let them know of their incredibly life-altering good news.
4. Swear on your first born, or whatever you hold dear, never to mention these blogging awards are created by other self-serving bloggers trying to get more traffic altruistic bloggers who wish nothing more than to acknowledge a blog well done.

In keeping with the rules of the award, I hereby pass it on to DaisyFae, Daddy Papersurfer and  the thinking woman’s bit of crumpet, Kyknoord

5 responses to “Poulet Sir Prize Award

  1. Aw, shucks… Thank you, kind sir.

    [tapping microphone] Is this thing on? Testing, one, two…

    There are simply too many people to thank, but being an insipid cow, that shall not stop me from attempting to do so…

    First, my Great-Great-Grandfather Grover Otis, for his devotion to wheat farming and kindness to sheep.

    [music plays]

    What? You’re playing me off? Oh, crap…

    (thanks, Archie!)


  2. [Grabs microphone from Daisy and tries to trip her up]

    There are some people who should be thanked – my proctologist, dentist and psychiatrist – but, in all honesty, any success I have is completely down to me ……. I remember the time when I was grouting the bathroom ………… hang on ………….. what’s that noise? …….. it sounds like thunder ……. SNORING!!!! ……. right! ……. I’m off!

    [leaves stage left to unexpected cheers]

    Huh …….. now they wake up ……… sheeeeeeesh …….


  3. Hey Daisy and Daddy P, I’m real happy for you and I’ma let you finish…


  4. … and congratulations on your award too, Archie!

    Smarter than a chicken“, eh? Yep, still got your head screwed on.


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