For Australians Only

One of Australia’s great Wannabees will be celebrated  with his own day for the second year today.

The epic FAIL of Andrew Bolt is manifold.

He FAILs at being a climate change denier. Last heard, he has altered his stand to, “Well, maybe climate change is happening but it isn’t man-made and so we shouldn’t try to do anything about it.”

He FAILs at being a Rush Limbaugh. So far to the right that even the right-wing “Liberal” Party is too far to the left for his taste. He hates the leadership because Tony Abbot rides a push-bike.

He FAILs in being a convincing commentator on any subject. He relies on boring repetition to make his points. Repetition, not within the same article, but repetition spread over weeks and months and long, long years. And has still to convince a single thinking person.

He FAILs at having a thinking audience. His attitudes and beliefs are only attractive to the unthinking cashed-up bogons.

He FAILs in compassion. He demands that refugee seekers from Afghanistan and Sri Lanka on unseaworthy boats be turned back. He has not yet demanded that their boats be sunk before they are rescued. At least I haven’t heard him suggest that one.

He FAILs in friends. His only friends are Piers Ackerman and Janet Albrechtsen.

He FAILs in class as he moonlights as a shoe shine boy. He keeps licking Rupert Murdoch’s boots.

A group of Sydneysiders are about to enjoy some of Andrew’s favourite things: bicycles, Asian culture and tofu. Andrew has long been on the case that there’s too much Asian immigration and he despises cyclists because they all eat tofu.

“Celebrate Andrew’s dickheadness on these great contributors to our culture with a ride from the city to Marrickville where we can have a beer in Vietnamese staffed pub and go over the road and and have some excellent Vietnamese or Chinese tucker. Tofu is on the menu for those that want go the whole Andrew hog!”

Click on the cartoon to see the rest from First Dog On The Moon.

One response to “For Australians Only

  1. So it’s true!!! Out of the mouths of babes and bloggers come the raw, unvarnished truth!!! Well done … does this mean he may take the chair on the Left next week on the ABC???


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