Enough, Already!

When the King of Kale first took his young son out to view their great expanse of vegetables and herbs, the lad was impressed and strode on in awe through the fields that soon would be his own vast ptomaine.
On his father’s return to the castle, the queen asked, “Where is our son?” To which the king replied proudly, “I have left my food-prince in the stand of thyme”.

Last summer, frozen-food companies had trouble finding high-quality vegetables for processing because of the dry weather. As a result, many were culled but few were frozen.

It has just come to light that some residents who live near the Indianapolis Speedway, home of the Indy 500 auto race, plan to file suit over foul-smelling exhaust fumes from the track. They are seeking damages for Indy scent exposure.

Most people know the legend of William Tell, but few realise that he and his family were championship bowlers whose team was sponsored by local merchants. Even now, to be able to claim that the Tells once represented your family business would be of great advertising value. Unfortunately, the old records have been lost and today we can’t be sure for whom the Tells bowl.

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