Photo Hunt; Covered

This pizza is well covered – – –

My local pizzaria is 600km away and they won’t do home delivery!


14 responses to “Photo Hunt; Covered

  1. Delicious take on the theme, it sure looks generously covered!!

    Enjoy your weekend!



  2. I love pizza 🙂


  3. that far? my! that looks yummy! happy weekend!


  4. I don’t mind if my pizza is fully covered with cheese and nothing else! yummy!


  5. What a bummer! Well at least for now you can imagine the taste of that yummylicious pizza. Geez, now I’m craving for one!


  6. I’m sure I’ve eaten a pizza in Perth! You’re having us on! But your photo shows on deliciously covered.


  7. Very tasty but I can see it’s not something yu have on the spur of the moment!


  8. Yum. You know you are a sadist, don’t you? I want Eagle Boys for tea now …


  9. Delicious one for the theme. Happy hunting…


  10. I hope you saved me a slice!


  11. We love pizza, that one looks pretty good. We have no decent pizza place here, so we learned to make it ourselves and I have to say the product from the Havens pizza oven is pretty superb.


  12. Ha! What a great take. And now I want some.


  13. I’ll bet pizzaria pizza is a real treat for you. That one sure looks good. You definitely got it COVERED.


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