Sky Watch Friday

This is one of those shots where all the action has not yet happened.

The theatre; The Swan River in Perth, Western Australia.

The setting; Taken on Tuesday from the Eye of Perth as some early winter storms were approaching, they hit on Tuesday night and continued through Wednesday. By Thursday morning there were just occasional squalls.

The actors; the Red Bull Air race pilots. You can see some of the bits and pieces for the race on the Swan River in this photo. You can also see the threatening clouds in the sky.

Note!  This is the part of this post which is the Sky Watch entry.

On Thursday morning Brazilian pilot Adilson Kindlemann, 36, was attempting a knife-edge turn around a pylon when his plane’s wing clipped the water and crashed. I think this is the first crash in a Red Bull Air Race since it began.

I didn’t take this image – it was released by Red Bull.

The pilot was taken to Royal Perth Hospital with minor injuries including whiplash. So there is a happy ending to the story.

9 responses to “Sky Watch Friday

  1. Wow! Amazing he survived with so few injuries! Love your grumpy, gray skies, too! Have a fun weekend!



  2. Oh no! The skies are moody, but fantastic for skywatching.


  3. I am glad he survived!

    I like the sky–looks like it is getting ready to storm.


  4. I’m glad to hear the pilot survived and, in fact, had minor injuries!


  5. Amazing capture. I saw it on the news last night.


  6. Nice to know that the ending has been happy! Hope the pilot’s safe and All is Well with him! The shot of the crash is incredible!


  7. Great capture! I am glad he survived!


  8. The sky shot is positively curmudgeonly. What is it with you and stormy skies?


  9. wow the sky is awesome….it catches a special mood…


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