Like an Ipad in a blender.

“When you see something that screams VIRAL, you’ve gotta post it before even breathing.” raincoaster.

So here it is. Direct from a twitter feed close to you.

Will it Blend? The Ipad test!

Just don’t breathe the dust and dispose of the remains thoughtfully.

4 responses to “Like an Ipad in a blender.

  1. i kinda wish he’d try it on all the folks who waited in line overnight to be first to get one… will they blend?


  2. He has the cheesiest grin I’ve ever seen. And the ipad looked more like cremains than remains


  3. I guess I’m not clear on the concept. I mean, why would you want to blend an iPad? How much money does that guy have anyway? Isn’t that dust probably extremely toxic?


  4. The dust IS extremely toxic. That guy makes snotloads of money. Know what he does for a living? He sells those blenders. This is the single most effective viral campaign in YouTube history.

    The ONLY thing that they tried to blend that would NOT blend was Chuck Norris.

    Of course.


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